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ALV Grid - hiding rowmarks doesn't work

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Hi all,

We wrote a transaction using an ALV Grid where the users didn't want to see any row marks. So when initializing the grid, we used the following:

data: gs_layout_art TYPE lvc_s_layo.


gs_layout_art-NO_ROWMARK = 'X'.


CALL METHOD gridart->set_table_for_first_display


is_layout = gs_layout_art


and it used to work just fine.

But what happened? Users want some more data on that screen, but outside the grid. That data has to be hidden sometimes. So we now work with subscreens on the main screen, one of the subscreens contains the container with the grid, and another subscreen contains the other fields.

The trouble is - when the main screen shows up for the first time, the grid shows up with rowmarks. Which is not what we want. And after we do something to the fields in the other subscreen and press 'Enter', the rowmarks disappear. It's like the grid only 'remembers' that it should have hidden the rowmarks during the first PAI...

And there has been no change to the coding of the grid, only the whole PBO was moved to the subscreen...

Any help would be appreciated.




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<b>Look at this SAP Help</b>

If this field is set, the button at the beginning of a row is hidden in selection modes cell selection ( SEL_MODE = 'D' ) and column/row selection ( SEL_MODE = 'A' ).

To be honest, I was completely unaware of this ROWMARK(or am I still!!!).

I think the solution would be to have SEL_MODE ='D' and everything works out great.

Problem could be , SEL_MODE = 'A' overrides your NO_ROWMARK = 'X'.


Subramanian V.

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Hi Ioana

Firstly, selection mode option <b>"SEL_MODE"</b> at the layout structure handles rowmark.

The option <b>"NO_ROWMARK"</b> at the layout structure is used in selection modes cell selection ( SEL_MODE = 'D' ) and column/row selection ( SEL_MODE = 'A' ).

Another thing that may affect is (that seems a side effect), that rowmarks are seen if you make your ALV editable regardless of the selection mode.