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ALV GRID - double click event - hot spot event

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Dear developers

I am building a custom application using ALV GRID (OO method).

I have three ALV's on the screen.

User selects a cell on the first ALV from the list. say a specific product group.

The second ALV displays the product records depnding on selection of first ALV. (this works fine).

when the user selects a cell of a specific column on ALV grid 2 using double click event or hotspot I am always getting row ID as 1 , irrespective of the user clickin on row 2 or 3 on the specific cell.

To carry out further processing , I need to get the exact row the user is selecting which I expected to be available in LVC_S_ROID. My further process works always with ROW ID as 1.

I am using event hot spot in alv grid 1. In grid 2 I tried both hot spot and double click . But both returns the index value of row as 1 , irrespective of the cell being clicked is beyond row 1. in second grid.

Looking forward for help or suggestion on this,




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Hi Kumar

How do you implement your event handler?

*--Serdar <a href="">[ BC ]</a>


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Hi Kumar

How do you implement your event handler?

*--Serdar <a href="">[ BC ]</a>

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The handler is implemented as follows for all ALV GRIDs.

I give below only the relevant one grid 2 from my code.

Class definition

**03/17/2005 skulist hotspot

handle_skulist FOR EVENT hotspot_click OF cl_gui_alv_grid

IMPORTING e_row_id e_column_id es_row_no,

Class implementation

**03/17/2005 sku list by currency hotspot on listprice

METHOD handle_skulist .

PERFORM handle_skulist USING e_row_id e_column_id es_row_no.


DATA gr_event_handler TYPE REF TO lcl_event_handler.

DATA gr_event_handler_4 TYPE REF TO lcl_event_handler.

The above are done in an include and are public in nature.

Also note that I have similar implementation for similar events for grid 1 bu the event handlers are registered in different names.

The code below is in the maib program , under a custom container for grid 2

CREATE OBJECT gr_event_handler_4.

SET HANDLER gr_event_handler_4->handle_skulist FOR gr_alvgrid1.

*Based on the user action on grid 2 this form is getting executed. But as I said earlier the parameter I am getting for index is 1 always.

FORM handle_skulist USING i_row_id1 TYPE lvc_s_row

i_column_id1 TYPE lvc_s_col

is_row_no1 TYPE lvc_s_roid.

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Hi serdar

The issue I face is when I use Data_changed_finished event. For the time being I got around the issue by using the double click event after the user enter's the data into a editable cell.

It would be nice if at some point in time of you could direct me to a solution.

Your ALV GRID guide was most useful to me in my work.

Thanks for putting such a good document together.