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ALV Grid display!

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I have a requirement where I am using interactive ALV. I have made use of ALV Grid display.

My requirement is as follows:

Suppose I have 5 fields to be displayed. One of the fields is "Proposed Date", wherein the user enters some date.

Now if the user enters some invalid date, it displays a popup mentioning the same.

This is fine as long as there is only one record displayed.

Now, if I have , say, 10 records to be displayed. Out of 10, if the user errors out in 4 records and enters 6 records correctly, popup is displayed, but the control shifts to the next screen with a new ALV display containing all the valid 6 records.

Now, my requirement is, if some records are in error, then instead of going to the next screen, it should remain in the same screen until all the records are fine and good to go.

Pls help.



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hi ,

You can restrict the next ALV display call according to your conditions .

when there is some event at user commnad then check all records of internal table which are modified if date format is correct then only call alv grid .



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DO this till everything is correctly filled.

Read edited data

Loop and check values

if wrong... pop up

Call FM Grid disply again with edited values

else exit loop.