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ALV Columns

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Hi! I have a problem with the ALV columns in 4.7 extension set 2.0.

The columns on my ALV report appear to be automatically re-sizing themselves whenever the report is printed from the list view. This never used to happen in the past, even if I had enabled the "Optimize columns" on the "View" tab on the saved version of the grid view layout. You could size the columns in the list view (to get a predictable record length for printing purposes) and they would stay that way. My user says the print problems associated with this column re-sizing started happening in mid-February. The user's issue is if the columns grow and the total record length exceeds 170, SAP automatically changes the printing page format from X_58_170 to X_65_200 and the resulting printout becomes difficult to read. Is there a way to correct this?

Thanks in advance!


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Any suggestions on this problem please....

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Hi Liz,

the solution to your problem is not with the ALV itself.

Which output device are you using ?

If you are the basic device type SWIN for the output device type LP01 or LOCL.

then you need to configure the page format in SAP.

this can be by going through the Transaction SPAD and then choose -> Full Administraion. Then choose the Device type tab.and then clik on SWIN or SAPWIN if it so.

And then the FORMATS icon/ push button. then select the particular page format like X_15_200 etc. tparticular o configure the same as default for your printer

Hope that this may solve your problem.

With Regards,