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ALE Configuration HCM - Program read table idoc_structure error

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Hello SCN community,

I have small problem with ALE Configuration of HRMD_A message type. I created extension named 'ZRMD_A06'.

When I'm trying to run t-code: bd21 (report RBDMIDOC)

I'm getting following error message:

At the beginning I thought there is problem with segment structure of Z1P2006 of extension 'ZRMD_A06'

I compared segment Z1P2006 with structure 'P2006' in se11 - and it is the same.

Next I checked the bd21 transaction in debug mode.

I figured out that there is error in FM 'RH_MASTER_IDOC_DISTRIBUTE_HRMD' in include 'LRHALF10'.

Could you please help me?


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have you defined the custom segment in table T777D? PM01- 0006 - Technical attributes - RP_0006 - modify as under.

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I have it configured, but in the IDOC segment.

Not in 2nd or 3rd.

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do you have the same error for all other segments that you have added? Are they getting populated with correct data?

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Hmm.. I need to check.

When I'm using PFAL and force sending iDOC it is working fine only using BD21 it is not working properly.

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Okay - i have  a document where i have collated steps to enable change pointers for new segments - i can pass that on to you, provide me your email address.

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Thank you all for your help.

I'm writing this post to provide solution for others like me.

To solve this problem you need to apply this sap note:

HR-CA-ALE: Segment Z1Pnnnn prevents distribution

for me:

  • As of Release 4.6: In the customer enhancement RHALE001, fill the function exit EXIT_SAPLRHA0_004 with the line

                    F_idoc_control-cimtyp = 'ZRMD_AXX'.              


1. Go to SE37

2. Enter EXIT_SAPLRHA0_004

3. Double click on INCLUDE ZXHALU08 . (in my case)

4. Add to the code this line: F_idoc_control-cimtyp = 'ZRMD_A06'.  (ZRMD_A06 - because I called so my custom extension)

5. and have a nice day because you solved this problem!