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ADT - Unhandled event loop

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I've been trying to use some of the versions of ADT. I've tried kepler and luna so far and in every one of them I usually get the following error:

and then I get prompted to close eclipse due to this 'SWT error'.

this is a clean install of eclipse(both Juno 4.4 and Kepler 4.3), I just installed and downloaded ADT following the instructions here

I've looked around the web, seems to be a memory problem in eclipse. I've tried raising the maximum memory that it can use to 1gb and I still get this error.

Some other information that might be usefull:

Running Windows 7 64 Bits.

Kepler and Juno are x64.

Java 1.7.0

Any Ideas?


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Hi Adriano,

when exactly do you get this error (first start after installation, during installation, during dependency calculation...)?

Did you already check your changed memory setting is effective in the running Eclipse (Help=>About=>Installation Details=>Configuration, you should see the memory setting(s) somewhere below "-vm")?

I have tested it with the default settings and the installation worked fine (Eclipse Standard Luna SR1).




Regards, Felix

PS: The alias for Eclipse 4.4 is Luna. Juno was 4.2

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Hi Felix,

I'm getting this error while programming, usually when using templates or ctrl+space.

I've set the default settings agian, but I still get the error every now and then. I could post the error log if that's ok(and needed)

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Hi Adriano,

in that case looking on some details of your IDE setup and logs will help to find out what goes wrong there. With our tools installed, you should have an option to create an archive, containing the most important information about your IDE (Help=>Collect Support Information...).

Just sent it to me via mail ( and I will have a look into it.

Regards, Felix

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Hi Otto, thanks for the help, I've sent an e-mail with the support information attached.

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Otto tried to help me with this and found evidence that it is due to an eclipse bug that hasn't been solved yet(and it's quite old!).

Also, I've tried installing the 32 bit version and it's working so far without error on my 64 bit system. So this might be a fix to whomever gets this error in the future.