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Address data on adobeform - to code on Interface/Print program?

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I have one query on Printing address on adobeforms.

I have to Print address on Form based on Company code.

For some company codes, I need to get address data from SAP tables

For other company codes, I need to use hard coded(static) address(User has given different addresses for each company code).

For this i wanted to create Internal table/Structure at Interface level and then I wanted to fill up this.

What is the efficient way to fill up the address (Both cases - address using tables & static address)

(writing code on Interface OR writing code on Print program)?

Or is there any other way to achieve this.

Thank you so much for your help.




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For me, I don't like to separate my code to different places, i always prefer to put all my codes in print programs.

You can use EXPORTING parameters to send internal table of addresses to your adobe interface.

It's good to create SE11 structure, to avoid data type mismatch between print programs fm and interface.

Hope this helps.