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Addition of field to FISL table

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Can I modify the special purpose ledger table by adding a field ? will it create problem ? What precaution we need to take for this?

Thanks in advance


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You can refer this help to add a field to a standard table.

But more importantly you should find how would you populate the data in that additional field.

Like, you should find a user exit in the standard program/transaction which populates the FISL table.


Ravi Kanth Talagana

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Dear Bonny,

It is possible to add fields to any standard table provided that the last field of the table is not a long field (data type VARC, LCHR or LRAW).

It doesn't get overwritten during an upgrades as the append structures is in the customer namespace.

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Guys, thank you for your response. May be I have not made it clear is that, this table is not standard but custom. This is special purpose ledger table which we create for our purpose , what I want to know is it is mapped to certain fields. When we add a field I will not be mapping it to any other field.