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Adding the ABAP code to SAP Query to support Query's ALV Double click.

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Hi, Expert.

I need to add some ABAP Code into SAP Query (or Infoset) to support the double click event on ALV cell of result of query.

Is it possible & How to do ?

Thank you very much.

Best Regard

Nattapash C.


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You can add your logic here.

open SQ02 - give your infoset click change ,click on extras button in app tool bar.

there you have option called code on right side.right your logic there.

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Hi, Gautham.

I've put BREAK-POINT in all code section e.g. INITIALIZATION, END-OF-SELECTION..

I found there are some section for add code that will be executed when query is processing before output data to ALV.

What I need to know is Where I can input the code after ALV output. For support the Double Click Event on Query's ALV cell.

Best Regard,

Nattapash C.

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write your code inside Free coding.

Have a Nice day,



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Hi, Sujeet.

I think I can write only form-subroutine in free code section. How to apply this to my case?

Thank you and Best Regard,

Nattapash C.