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Adding functionality when saving a CRM order

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Hello. I am trying to encrypt payment card numbers at the time that the orders are saved in CRM.

I believe that I can retrieve the payment card information just before the order is saved using the CRM_ISAI_BASKET_GETPAYMENT function. This function returns a structure that contains the card number.

Is there an internal table that I can access (or is there a function or BADI call) by which I can modify the payment card number? After I have encrypted the card number, I would like to modify a temporary table (if one exists) before the data is committed to the permanent tables.

I have brought up the COM_PAYPLAN package through the object browser, but I am not familiar with the functions I see listed there.

Due to implementation requirements, I cannot encrypt the card number at the time of authorization.


Brendan Farragher


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Hi Brendan,

Hope you are well. I have not ventured in the CRM world yet, but I do know of somebody who is known as the CC guru in R/3 - I'm sure he could guide you with CRM as well.

Below is his contact information, shoot him an email if nobody else is able to help you.

Eric Bushman

Good luck in finding a solution and hope you have a good Holiday season.


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Hey Francisco! Good to hear from you, and thanks for the info!

Hope all is going well in the new position. Have a great holiday!