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Adding a User exit

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Can someone please give me steps to add a new form to form routine GET_EXIT_TITLES?

I have copied the standard pool RGGBR000 to a Z program. I now want to add a new form and then assign it to the validation rule.

thanks much guys



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Hi Brian,

Within the form routine 'get_exit_titles' of z<rggbr000> (copied) program

add the below details at the endof of the routine.

exits-name = 'UXXX'. give the form name that you want to use in exit (XXX is any number that you want to use

( exits-param = c_exit_param_none. "If need to work on single line item

OR exits-param = c_exit_param_class. ) "if complete data used in exit.

exits-title = text-101. "Text that you want to use

APPEND exits.

than add a rountine 'UXXX' at end of the includle ( again UXXX is the routine name that you used in the above section while adding the routine name to the exits table. within this routine you can add your logic to return result which is a boolean value.

Let me know if it clarifys your question.