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Add Z field in dynamic selection in FBL5N transaction

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Hi all,

I need to add Z field in dynamic selection tree to filter the data and that z field should also appear in the report, I append the z field in RFPOS structure and RFPOSX structure and I executed the RFPOSXEXTEND program and used bte 1650 to fill new z field in report, the new z field appears in the report but not on the dynamic selection.

Best regards,



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Hi Robert,

Since this transaction is using logical database DDF, you would need to use transaction SE36 to update the dynamic selections. Check out the document in Add New Field on the Dynamic Selection Screen of Any Report Using Logical Database.


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Hi Gabriel,

The document indicate how to add a new field that is in a transparent table but in this case the z field is not in any transparent table, only this in RFPOS and RFPOSX estructures, when show the report I fill the new z field in bte 1650. Can you tell me how to add this field z please.


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If the field is not in the table then why does it need to be on the selection screen and what will it do even if you manage to add it? I'm confused...

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Hi Jelena Perfiljeva ,

you are right why he need it, if it is not in table, so when he will select, he will get nothing for this field,

I am confused too.

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The data that I need show are in the KNVP table, so I filled the z field of internal table in 1650 bte but also need to be in the dynamic selection to filter data, could you tell me if there is any way to do, please.



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Hi Robert,

it is possible, but let me to understand your requirement, so you need a new Field in selection screen which exist in SAP-Table ( so you have added it )

but you can add this field in KNA1 and not in KNVP.

could you please take a look at this logical database

So, if you have zfield in this structure, so it could be added , but others table, how can you show it in dynamic selection,

According to my knowledge , it is not possible.



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Please refer below Thread, it explained everything.

Add new Fields to Dynamic Selection FBL5n | SCN


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Why is this a requirement? FI documents are not posted for multiple partners in the sales documents, so what would adding such selection criteria do exactly? I might be missing something but the requirement to add an irrelevant table seems rather illogical...

BTE can be used only to add new columns to these reports but not for the selection criteria, to my knowledge. Ibrahim already pointed out the reason for that.

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As your field is not present in the tables/nodes of the logical database, you CANNOT add it in the dynamic selection.

Nevertheless, you could consider adding it in the RFITEMAR selection screen itself, look for some implicit enhancement points available to add your SELECT-OPTIONS, but the standard report wont manage it, you will be required to read its values thru some ASSIGN statement (*) and remove records not matching the criteria.

Alas for you good old BTE 00001650 won't allow you to remove records (Look at OPEN_FI_PERFORM_00001650_E or your implementing FM parameters) so you may be required to switch to BAdI FI_ITEMS_CH_DATA (also getting opportunity to improve performance as the whole internal table is available in the method CHANGE_ITEMS of this BAdI) then delete records not matching criteria.

NB: Of course if this z-field was selective, the system will always read the whole bunch of data before removing most extracted records , This can give the user the impression of poor performance "5 minutes to display two lines"...

Alternative: Learn to users to filter the data in ALV