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Add Serialnumbers to Sales Orders technical Objects

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Hi there!

I am searching for a chance, to add from an IDoc input exit serial numbers to a sales order.

The BAPI for the update of sales orders seemes not to be able to do this.

Functions as they are provided in the function group IE01 for equipments are not available.

I found function modules in function group IPW1, but the problem there is, that there is a function to create object headers. So to add to a header needs the header to exist and my BAPI processing does not allow to commit within the exit. Other functions there are provided and called dynamically. I have no idea where.

So: Does anyone know, how a list of serial numbers can be added in one step to a sales order item with existing functionality and without commit in beetween??

Thanks for any hints.


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Hallo Axel,

at the moment we have exactly the same problem, we want to add serialnumbers from an ORDERS05 IDoc to a sales order. We tried several possibilities but nothing worked. Have you found a solution for this problem in the meantime? We would be thankful for any hint.


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I'm afraid it's not possible to do in one step.

We posted order create IDOC via our own FM which created equipment records via IE01 first, then linked to order items during order create BDC, so in fact FM called IE01, then VA01.

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Hallo Siarhei,

thank you for the information. I have one further question: in our system the equipment for the serial number sent in the order IDoc will already exist, so we don't have to create it first. In that case it should be possible to use VA01 directly, right? Can you give me a hint how you get the serial numbers into VA01 during IDoc creation? In which segments of the IDoc is the number sent and with which FM is it posted to the SO?

Thank you again for your help!