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Add ALV Button to VKM1 ALV output

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Can you tell me the best way to add a button to the ALV grid output

from the VKM1 transaction? I wanted to add it to the GUI Status, but

all the function keys for the STANDAKR status are taken, so it wouldn't

let me. I then tried to add the Classes and Events for handle_toolbar

and handle_user_command, but without success - if this is the way to

add the button, please just let me know and I will investigate

further. I have also read about creating my own pf_status since the

program uses "CALL FUNCTION 'REUSE_ALV_LIST_DISPLAY'". Is that what I

should look into doing? I have been trying different things for a

couple of days, and I just want to know which way would be the best way

for adding the button.


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I found that I could add the button throught the GUI Status, although I would need to replace one of the other buttons because all the function keys were taken. In place of this, I found I could add a function code to the Menu Bar without needing a function key, so that is what I intend to use.