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abt unit test plan

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can u plz explain abt unit test planning?



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Hi Brahmara

Unit Testing

1. A process for verifying that software, a system, or a system component performs its intended functions.

2. Unit transactions are tested against their own specifications and design documents.

So you need to come with all sorts of scenarios, which are possible in production and test ur code if it sustains all such conditions.. so you need to make a plan of all scenarios.. before object is moved to Quality server..


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In simple term test results of the program like (input, output) with different scenario's.


Sriram Ponna.

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hi bramara,

Unit testing is used to test the proper working of a single module.

Integration testing is used to test the integration between the modules,

when the complete business scenario of a client is tested (say from sales order creation to receipt of money from customer).

Unit Testing

When you test every single document is called unit testing.

String Testing

One transaction full activity is called string testing. For example Vendor

invoice, goods received and vendor payment.

Integration Testing

It is purely with other modules and we have to check whether the FI testing

is working with other related modules or not.

Testing of combined parts of an application to determine if they function

together correctly.There are three types of integration testing.1. Big bang

testing: Testing with all modules combined together invariable of its

levels. Often done for small projects.2. Bottom up test:Testing by

integrating lower level modules and ascending towards the higher-level

modules.3. Top down: Testing the higher-level modules and descending towards

the lower level modules.This can be accomplished with dummy modules to

replace the under construction modules with so-called stubs and drivers.


Regression Testing

Testing for whole database. Bring all the data into another server and do

the testing is called regression.




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