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What is this fm used for? any document about it?


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here's the documentation (it's only availabel in german,

so here's a translation with google)

Initialization of the check control and analysis

The functional module CM_F_INITIALIZE must be called if
intended, message is CM_F_MESSAGE with the help of the function too
collect and this messages of an analysis to submit and/or certain
To receive information to the collected messages. Becomes that
Functional module CM_F_MESSAGE called without that before the function
CM_F_INITIALIZE was called, then CM_F_MESSAGE gives by those
Import parameter classified message on the screen out,
according to the ABAP/4 instruction MESSAGE. The functional module becomes as
Import parameter an object ID given, intends for which
Type of object (e.g. material, plan, manufacturing or order for plan) evtl.
arising errors to be collected and assigned are. Weierhin
determines the type of object the surface and functions of the analysis
(dialogue routine CM_F_ANALYSIS). Over the application ID steered whether
the error log secured will can and whether those
Message control is activated. As a function of this ID become
different internal control parameters set.

regards Andreas