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about append structures and include structures

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wat is the difference between append and include structures


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Append Structure is a structure assigned to just one table. When a table is activated, all append structures for the table are found and appended to the table.

Append structures are used to add customer fields to SAP tables

Include Structure is a structure which we include under another structure which is already defined

An include structure is NOT the same as an append structure. I tried in a datasource to add a field via an append structure, however I didn´t see the field in the data source. When I changed it to an Include structure everything was ok

Please check this link for more info.


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This statement must be used only within a structure definition with the additions BEGIN OF and END OF in the statements TYPES, DATA, CLASS-DATA, and STATICS. It copies all the components of the structured type struc_type or the structure struc at the given position into the current structure definition. The components are created at the same level as the INCLUDE statement. The INCLUDE statement does not create any substructure.

struc_type can be a local (within program), structured type or a structure from the ABAP Dictionary. struc must be a structure of the same program.

Through the specification of a name name after the AS addition, either all the components of the bound structure struc_type or struc are addressed together through the name name or individual components can be addressed using the structure component selector (-).

Using the RENAMING WITH SUFFIX addition, each indivdual component is renamed by adding on the suffix suffix. Here, a structure can be copied several times. suffix must be specified directly.

<u><b>In include structure u can not add more fileds</b></u>


Structure in the ABAP Dictionary that is appended to another structure or a database table so as to add further components. Standard structures and database tables delivered by SAP can be enhanced by means of append structures in customer systems.

<b><u>using append structure u can custyomize ur structure by adding more fields</u></b>


data: begin of itab,
include structure..,
end of itab.

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