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Abend on CHAR assigned to NUMC to Query

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Hi all,

An existing pgm is in such a way that CHAR type variable (data element) retrieved from a table is assigned to another variable type NUMC (in a transparent table).

This NUMC variable is used for a join in another query with a table of same field but type CHAR.

Eg :

x1(char) = x2 (NUMC)

Door no. is CHAR in table , NUMC in transparent table in a query join.

This causes dump.

probably error in assignment statement itself or when query is executed..

there's a space( or dot - not sure) in x1 which is not accepted by x2.

Any help on this?



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hi ,

there is one thing to remember when we filling the value with a number it will take like this. .. 24 as 24 only but when it is numeric it is like 0024 like when on the assignment there may be some proble...or if u pass the same no of zeros to the character it will work i think..



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To be specific

character field is moved to NUMC field..

NUMC is not accepting space ? right ?

how to handle this..

This is not a problem with zeros. but space in the middle

example : CHAR 13 4 is moved to NUMC .