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#ABAP_Trial: Connection to partner broken

I have installed the AS ABAP 7.52 SP04, Dev Edition according to the instructions. After a successful installation I tried to connect via the SAP GUI. Afterwards I always get the following error message: Connection to partner broken. Return Code: -6, Error No: 10054, Error Text: WSACONNRESET: Connection Reset by Peer.

The Port Forwardings in VirtualBox are working and I can ping the virtual machine (OpenSUSE).

Do someone know the problem?


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I ve got the same problem do youve got a solution?

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CC julie.plummer

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Product and Topic Expert

Hi Daniel, hi David,

First of all, have you followed the relevant Install Guide:

Section H deals with this, including the correct entry in the hosts files - make sure these are correct in both Windows and Linux.

Otherwise, check port forwarding / make sure ports are open (see also Install Guide).

Also, this is not really specific to dev edition. Try, e.g.,

, including the Note.

HTH Julie.

in Linux: netstat -apn will give you the opened port

you could check if something is listening in port 3200

if you saw something, you could check if it is reachable with command (you need to install it, in most of the distrib) telnet 3200


Hi, had the same Error (Running SAP NW752_SP02 local on Win10 Laptop over OpenSuse and Virtualbox) over weeks and finally Julie's Tip and the Installation Guide helped to solve the Problem.

I had to open the Terminal in my Linux Machine (VirtualBox) and switch to admin with the command su npladm . After that I had to start the SAP Server with the command: startsap.

Now the SAP Server is running again and SAP GUI can Connect to it without any Problems.

I think that the SAP Server stops running in Linux Virtualbox after Shutdown, restart of Computer.

Hope I could help a little bit

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Thanks a lot Osman. Your answer helped me.

Thank you Julie Plummer.

I've got SAP running on my machine

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i am also facing the same issue

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I have the same error, is anybody to help us?

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agata22 please open your own question.

The reset by peer means the network is broken, the partner could not answer.

--> Issu with the network

--> Partner is too busy or stoped