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ABAP selection screen modification

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I have the following selection screen:

p_kalaid LIKE kala-kalaid, 
p_kalabe LIKE kala-kalabez,
p_kalada LIKE kala-kaladat,
p_klvaf  LIKE kalv-klvar, 
p_tvers  LIKE kala-tvers, 
p_kokrs  LIKE kala-kokrs, 
p_bukrs  LIKE kala-bukrs,               
p_group  LIKE kala-rfc_group.   

When I choose F4 on <b>p_kalaid</b> and then select one value proposed, it fills <b>p_kalaid</b> (as expected), but it fills <b>p_kalada</b> automatically as well!

My goal is to have all parameters fill in automatically with data from tables <b>KALA</b> and <b>KALV</b> based on my key selection (<b>p_kalaid</b>)... how can i do this?




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Hi Tim,

1. As per ur requirment you have to write selection coding at the event at selection-screen output based upon ur first field input,

2, One more option is using search help.

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I don´t know if there is an easier way,

but I would try it to program the F4 Matchcode selection in the event AT SELECTION-SCREEN. by my own!

After that you could read the other information with the result from the selcection and fill the other parameters.

There is a function where you can program your own selection but I forgot the name! (Something with MATCHCODE and F4 in it!) Sorry...

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