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Dear all,

Kindlyh assist me about my problem in ABAP run time error.

Can any body tell me what to do of run time error below,


"SAPLFACG " bzw. "LFACGU03 "


f you cannot solve the problem yourself, please send the

ollowing documents to SAP:

Information on where termination occurred



The termination occurred in the ABAP/4 program "SAPLFACG " in


The main program was "SAPF110S ".

The termination occurred in line 241

of the source code of program "LFACGU03 " (when calling the edito

The program "SAPLFACG " was started as a background job.




002140 *

002150 * Falls keine Belegnummer gefüllt ist, muß

002160 * Belegnummer temporär vergeben werden - si

002170 * wieder gelöscht!

002180 *

002190 form internal_document_number_set changing e_doc_

002200 data: x_belnr like accit_fi-belnr.

002210 *

002220 clear e_doc_int.

002230 loop at t_bkpf.

002240 x_belnr = x_belnr + 1.

002250 t_bkpf-mandt = sy-mandt.

002260 if t_bkpf-belnr is initial.

002270 e_doc_int = 'X'.

002280 t_bkpf-belnr = x_belnr.

002290 t_bkpf-belnr(1) = '$'.

002300 endif.

002310 modify t_bkpf.

002320 loop at t_bseg where bukrs eq t_bkpf-bukrs.

002330 read table t_bsegz index sy-tabix.

002340 t_bseg-mandt = sy-mandt.

002350 t_bsegz-mandt = sy-mandt.

002360 if t_bseg-belnr is initial.

002370 t_bseg-belnr = t_bkpf-belnr.

002380 t_bsegz-belnr = t_bkpf-belnr.

002390 endif.

002400 modify t_bseg index sy-tabix.

> modify t_bsegz index sy-tabix.

002420 endloop.

002430 endloop.

002440 endform.


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As there are two loops, sy-tabix will change as per the loops. You better take sy-tabix (whichever you want) into a variable lv_tabix, and try to modify using it.

Hope this helps...

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data:W_index type i.
loop at t_bseg where bukrs eq t_bkpf-bukrs.
w_index = Sy-tabix.
 read table t_bsegz index sy-tabix.              " Value of sy-tabix after the read statement will change
 t_bseg-mandt = sy-mandt.
t_bsegz-mandt = sy-mandt.
 if t_bseg-belnr is initial.
t_bseg-belnr = t_bkpf-belnr.
 t_bsegz-belnr = t_bkpf-belnr.
modify t_bseg index w_index.                   " Use W_index          
modify t_bsegz index w_index.                 " Use w_index

Just assign the value of sy-tabix into a variable and use..