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ABAP Query

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Hi all,

can any one of you plz provide me the documentation on ABAP query and an example of how to use that.

plz do not send the link of sappoint as i already have that article with me.

thanx in advance

Manish Kumar


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Hi Manish,

Please send ur mail ID i'll forward the documents.



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Hi Rani,

plz send me the documents to

thanx in advance


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hi manish,

i hv send a file for ABAP query documantation on ur ID , u can check it.

i hope i will help u

chetan vishnoi.

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ABAP/4 Workbench: Utilities/ ABAP/4 Query

a) Function Areas

i) Enter Name

ii) Press Create and enter Title

(1) Select Data

(a) Enter Logical Database

OPTIONAL: Press “Description” button to see PICTURE of relational layout!!!!!!!!

(b) Or Enter a Table

Check “Table Join” if multiple tables are required.

1. Push “Define Join” button.

2. Enter Table name to be joined.

3. Press Define condition button.

4. In the “Join Conditions” portion of the window, press the icon on the right to view field from both tables.

5. Answer “Yes” to Proposals Requested dialog.

6. Make changes if necessary.

(2) Press “Functional Groups” button

(a) Create a code and description for multiple functional groups.

(b) Assign these codes to the fields.

(c) Double click on Tables to change the field listing.

(3) Press Save and the Generate.

(4) Go back to Function Area main window

iii) Select “Assign to User Group” button

(1) Check appropriate User Group and Save

(2) Back out of Function Area window.

b) Queries

i) Press “Other User Group” button and select User Group

ii) Enter name

iii) Select “Create”

iv) Select Function Area

v) Enter Title, Columns = 240, Display as Table

vi) Right Arrow button twice

vii) Select fields to show in query

viii) Right arrow, select fields to appear as selection criteria

ix) Press “Basic List” button

(1) Enter Line, Sequence, and Sort

x) Press Save

c) Assign User ID to User Group

i) Menu: Environment / User Group

ii) Enter UserID and hit “Assign User Group”.

d) Execute the query.


ABAP/4 Query Hints and Tips

The purpose of the SAP Query are for users with no programming knowledge. It is also used by abapers to create simple reports for the users.

You can easily create three types of query reports :

1. Basic lists (details list)

2. Statistics (counting etc.)

3. Ranked lists

When you start using version 4.6x, you can see a Quick Viewer button in the Query Main screen. It is suppose to be much simplier that the original Query but it is up to you to decide whether is it true.

To create a report with the QuickViewer, all you need to to do is enter texts such as titles, and select the fields and options that define the structure of the report. You can assign a specific sequence to the fields by numbering them.

If necessary, you can edit the lists either through drag and drop in WYSIWYG mode, or by using the functions in the available toolbars. Data can also be send to external programs such as MS Excel or MS Word for further processing.

The only problem with QuickViewer is that it cannot read cluster table.



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<b>check this pdf . doc</b>

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Hi Manish,

Just go through this document.

<b>Close the thread once the problem is solved</b>



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Hope you don't have this link with you