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ABAP QUERY - SQ02 addition of logic in infoset (END-OF-SELECTION)

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I guys I have read this discussion:

but solve partially my problem.

In particular I need special logic to interpret the single field from field symbol, for example:            


     loop at <goo> assigne <goo_wa>.                  

           tot_qty = tot_qty + <goo_wa>vbap-zmeng.


I would like to add new row, with my logic into stracture of query %G00.

thanks for any idea Omar


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resolved, it is must to use for all filed-symbols


types: beging of l_summary,

     matnr type matnr,

end of l_summary.

data: lt_summary type standard table of l_summary,

         ls_summary type line of lt_summary,

         lf_string type string.

fiel-symbols: <gt> type standard table,

<ls> type any,

<lf> type any.

lf_string = '%G00[]'.

unassign <gt>

assign (lf_string) to <gt>.

if <gt> is assigned.

loop at <gt> assigning <ls>.

lf_string = '<ls>-vbap-matnr'.

unassign <lf>.

assign (lf_string) to <lf>.

if <lf> is assigned.

ls_summary-matnr = <lf>.