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abap parameter not displaying to screen only in some systems post-transport

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We have a custom abap program that generates a report from a combination of a custom table and standard master data changes. We made a change to the program to add the plant as a parameter. This works in our dev environment. We then send the transport to two QA boxes. The code arrives in both systems and shows up as active but the plant field displays on one system but not on the other. The code looks like this (with the new field in bold)

SELECT-OPTIONS: s_dispo FOR ztffalert-dispo. " MRP controllers

PARAMETERS: p_werks like ztffalert-zzwerks,

p_rdate LIKE ztffalert-ersda

DEFAULT sy-datum, " Date to be run

p_cdate LIKE ztffalert-ersda. " comparision date

I verified that

1. Transports went to both QA systems with status 0 (no errors or warnings).

2. Remote compare of code matches from Dev to both QA boxes

3. Ran in debug mode in QA boxes and then scrolled up to confirm that the code is there and when I enter the p_werks to display values, the debugger does recognize that the field exists.

4. Code is active in both systems.

Both QA systems are copies of production so the tables are identical with the only difference being that one has more data then the other.

Why would the parameter show up in one QA system and not the other?


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Could you cross check whether the transport Layer is defined for the 2 QA system

Your program's package will be assigned to Devclass which inturn has Destination (Target)


i think the target system for other QA system might not be defined under that package,

even though the transport release does not show any warinings or Errors.

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We are facing a similar issue. THe program is getting transported correctly , but parameter is not displayed on execution.Any hint here on how to solve this ???

Have checked the package assignment , and found that it was same in both systems.


Edited by: ABCD on May 4, 2009 5:16 PM

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did whether the particular ztable component has been transported or not?



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The parameter is not referring to any table component , but has been declared of type CHAR 25.