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ABAP and Web

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Hi ABAP Folks,

I have scenario, but I do not know how to start and where to start. I want you people to give your inputs and ideas that how I can accomplish this task. Let me describe you my requirement. Our constrain is that we want to handle it in ABAP.

We have some interface, initially we were sending this interface output file using ABAP program, which fire some of the UNIX scripts and place the generated file to specific server.

Now our client want it should directly publish it on website, they neither want FTP or nor secure FTP because of some security reasons.

Clients gave us a login and password and register my computer so even if I want to access that site from another computer it wont work.

My question is this using ABAP how can I accomplish this task. I know there is function “HTTP_POST” and I also find one article on this form /people/ankur.jain3/blog/2005/07/27/abap-java-marriage-made-in-heaven

However, it is using Java as well as ABAP. Frankly speaking, I never work in JAVA and I do not know what it is doing, and what are the steps to accomplish this task using my requirements.

I want you folks to give me input, any idea or code or step that can accomplish my task.

“Keep in mind that I only have website address/login/password and they register my computer and I want to publish out put to website using these parameters.”

Looking forward for positive response.



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I am waiting for inputs...