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A simple BADI implementation - very urgent

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I am new to ABAP. I need a small piece of coding. I am implementing a BADI. There is a table which has 3 fields (MATID, LOCID, STATUS and PLANNING_DATE). For each MATID (material ID), there are many LOCID (Location ID) available. My BADI has to choose the suitable LOCID for the given MATID based on the following conditions :

The LOCID for that particular MATID, must satisfy STATUS = salesprice and PLANNING_DATE = current date.

<u>Code Logic :</u>

<b>Input :</b> BADI gets a series of MATID and corresponding LOCID as input.

<b>Logic :</b> For the MATID, choose one LOCID. Check whether the corresponding fields have STATUS = salesprice and PLANNING_DATE = current date


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Hi Preetha,

Assume that the BADI's interface has an internal table which has the table for matid, locid, status and planning_date say itab(In the badi method, check the correct name for the table).

read table itab into wa with key matid = <Current Matid>

status = <sales priice>

planning_date = sy-datum.

if sy-subrc = 0.

  • You will have the chosen record.