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A BSP application involving multiple table

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Hi.. I am in learning process of BSP .

I have a requirement as below . I am getting confused as to which part of coding I write in layout and in even handler.

Each time the loop runs I need to get the corresponding itab-feild records which are there in *itab_final *

This is the sample code in abap editor.

Loop at itab . 
Loop at  itab1. 
         Read itab2 with key feild1 = itab1-field1. 

            If sy-ubrc <> 0. 

       move  table1-field1 to itab_final.
       append itab_final.

Write : Records for tab1-fld. 

         Loop at itab_final. 
              write : / itab_final-field1. 

Can plz some one suggest me how do i go about this requirement to implement in a BSP application.


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can you explain u r requirement a bit more clear..

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Hi Sravan,

Till now I worked on small BSP application where in there is a single select query using which all record go in to a single internal table(which is genrally written in event handler) which can be displayed writing code in layout tab.

Now my requirement is that I have a internal table itab and for every single record of itab I have few records which are appended to itab2. I need to display the records in itab2 for each loop pass of itab.