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Hi Community,

This post is dedicated to open source lovers.

In a couple of open source projects I've seen the following dilema:

  • Convenience for users: the code must be easy installable so there is a tendency to keep the whole code (program) as one piece.
  • contra Convenience for the developer: when the code grows it becomes to be difficult to support it as one piece.

Of course there are tools like SAPLINK and ZABAPGIT available, which solves this issue (not only this one of course :smile: ). However, they must be installed on a target system which puts additional restriction.

Recently, I've published at Github a tool that addresses this issue from, let's say, publisher perspective. The tool is called ZINCLUDE_ASSEMBLER and what it does is simply "includes" program's includes which belong to the same dev package into the one piece of code.

So it can be used to publish easy-to-install single-file code while still enjoying nice code structure in dev environment. The result can be saved to a file or to another program (kind of ZXXX_BUILD).

The project homepage at Github:

I hope it will come to use for someone :smile:

All the best, Alexander Tsybulsky