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Tired of using the crappy AL11, i have done my own version, called ZAL11, with some enhanced features...

Extract of the header :
* This program extend AL11 basics functions :
* - Navigate in remote folders with graphical interface
* - Open remote file on your computer with default application (excel for CSV files...) or with your favorite text editor
* - Upload/download files by button or drag/drop
* - Manage file and folder (create, rename, remove, copy, move) with button and/or by drag&drop
* - Open/manage server shortcut & path from clipboard
* - Copy path (server/local) to clipboard
* - Compress remote file/folder (TAR+BZ2)
* - Uncompress remote file (ZIP & TAR & GZ & BZ2)

* - CHMOD/Attrib management on server file & folder

Security purpose :

- All modification on remote server require a user confirmation to avoid unwanted action

- You can define a root path to restrict acces

- You can easily manage which action is allowed by user (with an auth object for example)

This program is designed to run with a local pc under windows OS and a remote server under unix/linux/Windows compatible OS. If a different configuration is used, feel free to modify source code.

And there is a direct download link (please unzip the .nugg file and use SAPLINK to install) :

Download link :

Feel free to comment here :smile:

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