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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
I am a huge fan of Yubikeys - small indestructible USB keys used for authentication and/or carrying keys.

Yubico has a page with a feature comparison here: 



This blog shows how to use a Yubikey to logon to SAP Netweaver:


The only problem I have is that technology moves fast, and so do the protocols. I have updated to the Yubikey 4, which leaves me with quite a few 'old' keys that I'm not really using anymore.



It also seems they don't want them back:



So, in a feeble attempt to push secure authentication I'm going to be giving them away. To be very clear: These are all older models with varying capabilities, none of them supports FIDO U2F.


Here's how it works:

  • Ideally you're still in education and interested in security.

  • Comment on this blog and tell me what you're planning to do with a Yubikey.

  • If I like your idea I'll contact you with my postal address. You must be able to send a self-addressed post-paid envelope to me (address in germany) - this is going to be your only cost.

  • You have to write a blog post talking about what you did with the Yubikey, preferrably in an SAP context.

  • The 7 Yubikeys on the picture are the ones available. I'll pick one randomly.


Let's go 😉