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Let me present to your judgment yet one more template engine for Excel, Word and Pdf. All you need to do to is combine the data with a template.

The easiest way to send data to a report is to pass them by a structure (or an object with attributes)

" Document structure
BEGIN OF ts_root,
title TYPE char15,
text TYPE string,
int TYPE i,
bottom TYPE string, " Any field could be REF TO, STRUCTURE or TABLE
END OF ts_root.


The data could look like
ls_root-title = 'Document title'.
ls_root-text = 'Just string'.
ls_root-int = 3.
ls_root-bottom = 'bottom'.

The template in Excel, Word or pdf could be like:


Basic example

Title: {R-TITLE}

Just put markers where you want

Just string {R-TEXT}

Integer {R-INT}

Bottom: {R-BOTTOM}

If you combine the structure with the ls_root data, the report may look like this

Basic example

Title: Document title

Just put markers where you want

Just string Just string

Integer 3

Bottom: bottom

XTT Library

The code for outputting this structure to the template may look like this:
NEW zcl_xtt_excel_xlsx( NEW zcl_xtt_file_smw0( ) )->merge( ls_root )->download( ).

* The library code is compatible with ABAP 7.02. New syntax is used for demonstration purposes


    • ZCL_XTT_EXCEL_XLSX can be replaced with 1 of the ZCL_XTT descendant classes


    • Instead of ZCL_XTT_FILE_SMW0 to any of the following



    • The MERGE( ) method can be called several times, for different labels. Default name is 'R'



    • The DOWNLOAD( ) method has optional parameters for downloading the report. For other actions, you can use one of the methods:



Documentation and example files available here


Templates and reports


In conclusion:
As you can see the general idea is very simple: As other template engines XTT allows you to separate a model (ABAP data) from a view (a template). This separation gives the ability to change a view without changing a model.

For those who decided to try the opus in a sandbox

Installation guide


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