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Hello fellow ABAPers,

I'm pretty sure that you are all enrolled and active participant of the openSAP course Writing Testable Code for ABAP with juergen.heymann and thomas.hammer. Am I right?

If not, I strongly suggest you to enroll, it is a great course; we just ended week one and many great contents for ABAPers 🙂

One of the first question that you may have is "where can I apply what I'm learning?", "How can I improve these new skills without compromising my current ABAP delivery time-line?"

Here is the idea, why do not collaborate in an open source project such as abap2xlsx? We would like to add abap unit tests in our project not only to improve the product, but also to provide a practical example to the SCN Community.

This project was created by the SCN Community in 2010, and it is still active and largely used across different industries.

abap2xlsx – Generate your professional Excel spreadsheet from ABAP

Here some advantages on joining the Git project:

  1. Improve your ABAP unit skills on a real project and get feedback from your peers

  2. Contribute into a community project and giving back to the open source SAP community

  3. Learn something new such as Git, abapGit, and Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

The community has already implemented few ABAP unit tests for this project, but we are waiting for you contributions!

So what are you waiting for?

Install abapGit and abap2xlsx and start learning and contribute!

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