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After working with ADT since several months, I finally did the ADT feature explorer tour today. Most of the things I already knew, but e.g. linking the source code to the project explorer was new for me.

I'm working with SAP software since 2001. First in the area of FI/CO as functional consultant, since 2007 as an ABAP developer. During my studies I was already using Eclipse for Java and PHP development. When I started with ABAP and SE80 I really missed features like code completion and the clean up of not used variables (I know Code Inspectors tells you also where you have not variables, but that's not handy at all). Over the years I got used to SE80, but I was quite happy when SE80 got finally code completion, too.

But anyway, I was always waiting for a Eclipse based ABAP development tool.

I like the beginners tour, because, even if you are used to Eclipse, there are some features which might not miss, but which make you more efficient with your development (e.g. the code linking to the project explorer).

The reason why I like Eclipse is, that I do not need to switch the tools for all different technology. During my studies that was PHP, some UML modelling stuff and Java development. With all the new SAP technology it will be the tool of choice for UI5, HANA modelling and ABAP. But with all the plug-ins available you can make it even more powerful. For example, as we use Jira for task- and bug-tracking in my current project, I also use the Jira Eclipse plug in. This offers the possibility to save my whole development context (all the development tasks which I have to change) to the task.

But, to be honest, some tasks I still do with the good old SAP GUI tooling. E.g. debugging: most of the times I use the old "new" ABAP debugger in SAP GUI. One reason for this is, that I do a lot of debugging of update taks at the moment. This feature is missing at the moment. But as I learned from thomasfiedler SAP is working on that.

dhivya.baskaran iyankannu.iyankannu saravanan.natarajan5 dineshkumar.kothandaraman, what's about your experience?

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