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In a previous blog post we introduced “User Experience as a Service” (UXaaS). UXaaS is SAP’s cloud offering of tools and content that will enable customers to scale great user experience in their organization by enhancing the value returned in each phase of the product development lifecycle. (DISCOVER, DESIGN, DEVELOP, DEPLOY).

In the product development lifecycle the Discover and Design phases are critical, as the costs to address UX issues in the Development and Deploy phases increase dramatically.

For example, one reason why we live with enterprise systems that are out of date is due to the serious financial cost (and hassle) of rolling out these updates for these systems.

Another reason why we don’t address issues during the Discover and Design phases relates to the lack of formal design training, and design skills, possessed by development teams. This causes yet another hurdle in an organization’s ability to scale user experience.

User-centered design is accessible to our customers through UXaaS.  Splash addresses the Discover phase of the product development life cycle, providing non-designers with easy-to-consume learning materials, as well as a gallery of enterprise applications that can inspire. Splash empowers organizations to find the best solution for their end users, on their own, prior to designing or developing a new application.  (See Splash for yourself at

From Splash, BUILD can be accessed. BUILD allows users to quickly create interactive low fidelity and high-fidelity prototypes.  BUILD also provides validation tools enable organizations to share prototypes with end-users for feedback, iterate on this feedback, and quickly get a prototype into development as a result of BUILD’s embedded UI5 starter code.  (Try the future of SAP prototyping for yourself. Visit to sign up notification regarding our public beta release.)

Splash and BUILD are only part of UXaaS story. To learn more about the UXaaS vision, visit this blog post by Alex Joseph.

Also, watch this presentation from Tech Ed in Las Vegas on UXaaS.

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