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Building software on S/4HANA, I have the feeling I have to re-think / update my knowledge about packages (you know, SE21).

There is  a lot I (think I) know, but I'm very sure there also are many aspects I don't know yet.

One of them is this one:
Edit: and there is also that:

Tobias Trapp seems to know and publish a lot about packages, a recent (2016) blog being

Then there are the older (2011/2012) Blogs, seeming to explain everything there is to know:

(I have not read them yet, this blog kind of serves as a "to-read"-list for me (I'm gladly sharing with the community as well) – also I’m not sure if they are still a good/true/up-to-date read after all, they are about 6 years old, things might have changed since then…(“ things will change slightly in 7.30 “).

Paul Hardys book "ABAP to the Future" (you know, the one that helps if you phone is to low) doesn't say anything about "packages" (at least there is no such entry in the Index under "P", also nothing on "SE21", also not on "ABAP Packages").

Maybe the "The Package Builder and the ABAP Package Concept" might be a good read as well?

[Edit: 2017-02-07: Yes it is! I actually started digging into it today, and it seems really detailed.

Also, because it's the help on an up-to-date release I don’t have to fear about reading "to-old-to-still-matter" stuff there!



Do you care about Packages? How do you use them? Where would you start reading about packages if focusing on the "new" / S/4HANA-World?

Your input is most welcome!