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I'm sure you've heard about it?   No?   Read a little more.   I'm really excited about this conference!!!!   Like bouncing up and down on my toes excited!  It is based around RAP but there is so much more to it.  And although you might want to register like I did - you don't have to.  My technical heart is happy just thinking about it.

From the site:

"ABAPConf is a virtual online conference with focus on the ABAP programming language."

So what are going to be my must go to for the English speaking group:

  • Keynote: Restful Application model

  • Hierarchy support in RAP

  • Extensions to standard RAP

  • Transform legacy code into clean code

  • News for development tools

  • Kick start ABAP Platform with integration with Microsoft

I couldn't pick just 3 - 5.  But I came close.

Well - that's a lot.   Most of the title speak for themselves.

You have a million things to do and are experiencing the WHY GO?  Question.

Free Training

Learn some new tools in Eclipse for RAP.   I like Eclipse a whole lot better than other ADTs.   That's just a personal preference.   I was not happy I was going to have to give it up - just like my beloved SE80.  Which means of course, I'm bouncing between different development tools.   Anyway, I'm excited to learn something new here.

Learn some more about Microsoft integration.   That's always a plus.  Sadly, I think spreadsheets are here to stay.

Just plain learn more about RAP.  How it can be used, why it would be good to use it, and when.    That would be a great start.   Yes, I'm brushing up on that now through other avenues too.

Learn better ways to create ABAP code.   Fixing legacy code while updating it is always a good idea!

Will it provide everything?

Time will only tell.  But in my experience, it will give a nice start or addition to my skills.


Learning is always fun!


More information:

Stop over to the groups area and check out ABAPConf.   Or you can go to the conference page.   **** Repeat in case you missed it - It has enough to make my technical heart happy.

It virtual and free - as always.  It is running in English and German.   I really need to learn German.   That's December 6th and 7th for me.   But for CET it is December 7th.

Learn more about RAP/CAP/Development:

I always run out of links to attach here.   That's OK - nothing a quick search wouldn't find.  Do check SAP Help.  There is a lot of great information there.
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