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I can see many are facing the warnings while implementing the sap notes. This leads to confusion among users how to proceed. Usually these warnings on objects like classes, function modules, badi's, reports, tables, structures etc. These warnings will occur when when there is code conflicts. These code conflicts are the code modifications to objects done manually in the customer systems like enhancements.

While implementing sap notes, system has to find exact place to add the code from the note but the code is differ in the destination system it fails to find location, this leads to warnings message like code conflicts for the particular object.


How to solve.

  1. First check for code modifications or enhancements, if any of these are done then remove all then try to implement the note. Once the note is implemented successfully then user can add his customer enhancements for the business requirements

  2. In this scenario check the pre-requisites of note if any, please implement the all pre-requisites   and proceed with main note.

  3. When warning message appears click on the warning message, it will navigates to new            window where you will see copy button and click on the copy button so that makes system will add the code in particular location later after implementation of note check location whether      the code has been added to the objects successfully or not. if the code is available that's          perfect if not then user has to manually modify the object's through tcodes

  4. if warnings message like 'code is already available' that means the code from note is already    available in destination system so we can proceed normally be selecting checkbox beside        warnings message

When user implements the sap notes by ignoring warnings, leads to incorrect updation of code, tables, structures etc further leads to runtime errors, functionalities of modules. Also it is difficult to find out which part is missing from which note, it needs lot of debugging to find out the missing code.

So it is very important for basis team to take of all these important steps while implementing notes.

few things basis should keep in mind is check the pre-requisites of note if any, then user has to implement the pre-requisites and manual activities also needs to be implemented.

in case if any user still unable to implement the notes please raise an request from the below link, SAP will support on the same

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