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Are you interesting in design-based approaches to creativity? Connecting to and get inspired by people, exploring and addressing wicked problems the world faces, sleeves-up & hands-on, all while possibly coming up with a very cool innovative concept within the course of a weekend?

Yes? Then being part of might be for you.

For the first time Heidelberg, Germany will join this global event that takes place in different locations around the globe on November 22nd - 24th 2013.

A feedback kumud.singh  mentioned today was that the DT Community in SCN is a great place to know about any workshop or other activities about and around DT, hence this post. Although the Sustainability Jam Heidelberg is not about Design Thinking, it is an event that will allow people to get their creative juices flowing and practice design-based approaches. I should probably also mention it is not about SAP either but about specific topic under the frame of  Sustainability. The topic will only be announced only at the kick-off. Now, isn't them some' that gets you interesting?

To learn more and register to join please visit the web site: