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Dear community, there are many useful views in the ABAP Development Tools and in general in Eclipse. Some views, such as the Project Explorer and the ABAP Element Info, are probably always open. Other views such as the Minimap perhaps in special cases. Which views do you use all the time? Please report via comment 🙂

I recently stumbled across an everyday problem ... at least for me. I am using the ADT on my notebook. I use the notebook on the go, but also stationary via a docking station with two monitors.

Especially when working on the notebook screen, I don't want to have too many views open at the same time. The screen always seems "overloaded" to me. I don't have the problem during stationary use. There I can also move a view to the second screen using the "Detach" function.

Because I didn't want to switch views on and off all the time, I came up with the perspectives as a solution. Everyone probably knows two perspectives: the ABAP development perspective and the ABAP debug perspective. These are two preset perspectives in ADT.

preset perspectives in ADT

It's practical that you can also define your own perspectives, e.g. "ABAP Notebook" and "ABAP Desktop".

And this is how it works: Arrange all views as you need them. Then select the function "Windows/Perspective/Save perspective as ..." and assign a name. Repeat that until you have set up your perspectives.

Then select the function "Windows/Perspective/Open perspective/Other .." and open the perspectives you need in everyday life.

You can arrange them freely in the perspective area. I would also show the text (function "Show Text" in the context menu via right mouse button).

own perspectives with caption

A perspective can also be used for other purposes. If you have to read a lot in ABAP Language Help, you can expand this view as much as possible. The view on the source code can then be given less space. Do you have other constellations?

If you want to try this possibilities in the ADT for Eclipse, but are not yet using the ADT, you are welcome to check the “ABAP Development Tools for Eclipse info hub” to get started.


Best regards, thanks for reading and have a good time!

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