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Many times the number of records in table maintenance increases so large that it will become difficult to maintain them. Using subset, it would be easy to maintain those records.


  1. Create a table for which you want to create TMG.


   2.Create table maintenance generator.

3. Create transaction for table maintenance.

Enter all the information

                 Choose the UPDATE_LTD option instead of UPDATE.

UPDATE -> Will show all the records.

UPDATE_LTD -> Will show limited (LTD) records based on the values enter in popup.

Now save the transaction.

4. Execute the transaction.

It will give you popup to enter criteria for maintaining/modifying data.

Select all & proceed

Now it is asking for filter values.

Say I enter nothing in any parameter and go ahead. So it will show all data.

Now I maintained 5 records & come out of transaction.

Again execute the transaction and filter on the Roll no.

I want to see details from 10 to 30.

It will only show me those records which satisfies the criteria.

Say I click on “New Entries” and tries to maintain records for Roll no 60 .

System will throw an error because value 60 does NOT satisfies the work area condition (which is 10 to 30). So it will not allow me to maintain that record.

So using the option UPDATE_LTD, we can maintain relevant records, no need to see all the records.

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