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User Experience UX Content creators is wide encompassing role where the expectation is to participate in User research and prepare well written user stores, copy texts in the application and to put the requirement “in words and Spirit”.

Coding as a skill is to realize the requirement “In Words” into a deliverable product. it is paramount to have the requirement defined clearly and avoid any abstract encapsulation of the requirements. In fact, coding becomes easier if the requirement is clear. The most occasions when there is a failure in the UI‌ product is due to the miscommunication between the team which implements and the end user who needs this solution.

Going off a tangent: When we visit hospital for a treatment, apart from the regular activities of medication and good medical facilities, every  staff attending to the patient records the history and progress of the patient in a document. The medical history document is the process through in every patient is treated and cured. This document is key process in this document and a wrong/unclear documentation can mean life and death. The consequences could be regulation failure and fines and jail sentence are the legal risks and medical negligence is considered criminal in many part of the world.

IT has been able to “get away with murder” with the precise argument that no lives are lost. Its a bit slow or user is tech-illiterate. We in IT have been pampered fro years and ended up spoil brats. If something doesn't work we are quick to shrug off the responsibility. We are rarely held accountable but we also lose the respect which is accorded to other domain precisely for this reason.

Back to the topic: Fiction writing is a skill which needs imagination, empathy and creative skill. We need to feel the pain-point of users whom you may have never seen. So learning the art of write user stories and copy texts for the application are crucial for the UX‌ Design process.
Considering this, in order to improve the UX, the focus should on the skills to be a good writer rather than coding. Coding is more of a tool to fulfill the need but the writing skill is much desired. Content is King

So, read more fiction or look for people with fiction reading as hobbies. They may just make good UX‌ Writers.
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