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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Do you know how you can find all classes in a system that implement a specific interface?

Do you know how you can find all classes in a system that inherits from a specific class?

Do you know how you can find all super classes in a system of a specific class?

No? Then from now on the so-called ABAP Type Hierarchie View in Eclipse is your new friend.

Here you will see how you can get the answer to all these questions:

So let's assume you want to do some changes on an interface and you first want to check which classes in the system are affected by these changes. In order to find these classes you position the cursor on the name of the interface in the eclipse editor and press F4 or use the context menu 'Open ABAP Type Hierarchy':

The system now retrieves the implementing classes from the backend system and displays them in a small eclipse view:

From this eclipse view you can open the classes in an eclipse editor just by double-clicking the item in the list.

Here you see another example where the class hierarchy (super and sub classes) are displayed:

If you don't like the additional eclipse view for displaying the Type Hierarchy you can also choose the option 'Quick Type Hierarchy' or CTRL-T in the editor. In this case you will get a small popup window that disappears automatically when you continue to work in the editor.

Hope you like that feature !

Kind Regards,