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These days the buzz is Large LLM and how it can be used in everyday life.  Recently I completed the OpenSAP course Build Resilient Applications on SAP BTP with Amazon Web Services and wanted to test for myself how good they are.

First I tried Notepad LLM from Google  I uploaded the 5 weeks of transcript PDFs and wanted to test the week 5 Exam the results were not satisfying.  I feel that this will improve in time as this is still in the test phase.

I then tried Claude from Antrhopic I uploaded the week 5 transcript PDF and asked the first 5 questions from week 5 to my surprise it got all of them correct.  Here are some screenshots showing my interaction with  The tool not only gave the correct answer but also gave an explanation for choosing the answer

Question 1).

Question 2

Question 3

Question 4

Question 5

I could not test the full 10 questions as I ran out of my quota for the session but still, the tool got 5/5 which is quite good - while this is not at all recommended for learning it can help in other ways by choosing other documents, and query to save time and effort.

As AI and LLM creep into everyday life different people might be trying different things and  I thought by blogging could bring out other tools and experiments people are trying out to raise awareness of and power of the emerging LLMS and their impact on our daily lives.
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