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Once in a while you think about deploying a custom Web Application on your AS Java. If this application is using basic password authentication as default, how to use the build in SSO functionality, which reuses your Logon Ticket (aka MYSAPSSO, SSO cookie,...), e.g. generated by your Enterprise Portal application? Here are the steps to be done in NetWeaver Administrator (NWA) therefore.

Open NWA and navigate to Authentication and Single Sign On.

Search for the web application (aka policy configuration) you want to change.

Go to edit mode.

Change the used template to ticket and save the configuration.

Add the end, make sure to restart the web application.

A request, which is pointing to this web application, performs now the login modules shown above, e.g. evaluating an existing ticket, if not existing, prompting for username and password, and at the end creating a ticket for your user.

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