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When we implement the SAP ERP project, we often develop the RFC function to provide data services for the non-sap system. This program design to provide log function in the RFC Function Module.

Source code url: GitHub - gaovv2000/ABAP-log4function: logs for the function parameter and result

  1. Create the DB table of logs header,the name is “ZTBCLOGS_RLGK”, and activate it.
  2. Create the DB table of logs contant, the name is “ZTBCLOGS_RLGD”, and activate it.
  3. Create the DB table to set enable the log function, and activate it.
  4. Create the DB structure for report show data, Name is “ZSFUNCPARAS”, and activate it.
  5. Use transaction code SE38 to create the include program, the name is ‘ZBCLOGSINC’.
  6. Use transaction code SE38 to create the executable program, the name is ‘ZBCLOGSREP’.
  7. Copy the code into the corresponding program, And then activate them.
  8. When you want to record the data for function parameter, Just goto function group “TOP include” program to  insert a row statements and in function module call a macro. Goto “Top Include” program Insert “include” statement.
  9. Call the marco at the Function Module first row.                                                                                         
  10. Set DB table “ZTBCLOGS_ACT” to enable log function.
  11. Excute the Function Module to test the function.
  12. Use the transaction code  SE11 to view the data .
  13. We have a reporting program “ZBCLOGSREP”,  more easily view the logging contents.So let’s goto the transaction code SE38 to try it .