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The Standard Transactions for the selection screen provides some fields which are either not used or meant to be displayed for some users.For this purpose, either we have to enhance the standard code with the help of ABAP or we can do it without ABAP with the help of Transaction variants.
The transaction variants can enhance the selection fields of the standard transaction by either restricting the editing or making them invisible for some users by user group.This tool can also create the transaction code of the variant made.

Transaction Code- SHD0

In this document we will be making one field in the selection screen as grey i.e. non editable and will make some fields invisible.This screen variant will be then assigned to a new Transaction Code.


1. T-code- SHD0
Enter the Transaction which you want to modify and enter the name of transaction variant.

2. Press on Create button and enter the fields which you want to make non editable for the user and leave other fields rest which you want to hide.

3. Press Enter and then a new screen pops up.Select the checkbox according to your requirement.Here we are hiding Document Part,Document Version,Template border and its fields and making Document Type non editable.

4. Click On Save and Exit and enter Short Text for this variant.

5. Save it and Click on GoTo> Create Variant Transaction. Assign a name for transaction code and short description.

6. Enter the name of our Transaction variant in the next screen and checkbox on Cross Client if required and save it.

7. A new transaction named ZCV01N is now created as desired.

Hope this article proves to be helpful!

Also refer the document :

Transaction and Screen Variants for specific User groups and adopting it in the standard Transaction...

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