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We often found scenarios in manufacturing business where requirement is to configure

such a Trading process in which they can able to add operations which will not definitely

change any properties or characertistics of the material but may change the lenth or weight

of that Batch of Material.These are the processes which are allowed in the Trading process

and practically we can not avoid this.

This document will explain an easy solution for this.

Steps included in standard Trading process in SAP R/3 System:

1) Creation of Depot and storage location.

2) Assign this Depot with Company code and Purchase Organization.

3) Maintain CIN Configuration.

4) Maintain Number ranges of Material type "HAWA".

5) Maintain account determination settings for this HAWA Material type.

6) Prepare Pricing procedure.

7) Create Material Master with Material type "HAWA" with Batch management active.

😎 Excise data maintenance of Material with Material type “F RG1” using T.Code J1ID.

Using above settings you can process standard Trading process in SAP system where your same

incoming Material and batch will be going for sale.

Costing is not involve as this is not a manufacturing plant.


If suppose you want want to include a process before actual sale takes place and say your batch of

1000 KG will be going to split up into 400 KG and 600 KG, then what you will do.

And adding more complex scenario -if suppose even you want to sale these two divided material to

two different Customers with identification so that in future you can able to track the details

and able to do data analysis if needed.

steps involved:

1) Create Material Master using T.code MM01.

2) Create Purchase Order using T.code ME21N.

3) Do GRN using MIGO (Goods receipt) with selecting "No Excise Entry" under Excise tab.

4) Capture Excise invoice using J1IG with ref to GR Material document.

Now say take an example with following case,

Material -> TRAD001

Batch Number -> X001

Material weight -> 1000 KG

Now, your requirement is to split this Batch X001 into two parts and we will call it as "Ring Nos."

which is to be sent to two different Customers say Y001 -400 KG and Y002 -600 KG.

But as we know that in SAP batch is the lowest level and we can not give idenfications to quantities

divided under same batch nos. and if say this process will change one characteristic say Width or lenght of that

Product then it will assign 300 width against Ring no. Y001 and 200 with against Ring no. Y002.

Here I have taken width in my case as an example.

So, here we will develop a Z-report will looks similar to below format,

Now, here our problem will not resolve, still need to do more.

Important is how you are going to identify and sale this two different rings to different Customers.


1) Create Sale Order for in SO line item details there is one field "Customer Material Number".

   In my case I have identified this field to add Ring numbers into it.

2) Maintain SO line item details with the quantity Ring Number wise.

3) Now assign your unrestricted stock to Sale Order using T.code MB1B with Mvt type 412 E.

4) While doing MB1B add this Ring No. in Text field of MB1B screen.

5) Prepare Outbound delivery, you will see that the same Ring nos. which you have assigned in S.O. line item

   details will reflected in delivery line item.

6) Now, do shipment, do PGI.

7) And finally do J1IJ to prepare excise invoice.

😎 Create Billing document using T.Code VF01.

9) Important to note that in Print output of Invoice you must have to show the quantity which are against

   the Ring nos. and width as which is say important characteristic and for this you need to fetch these invoiced quantity either from delivery document or

   from Z-report, it's your choice. But better is to take from delivery document.

Note: For more accurate system entries and make this customized process simple, you need to prepare one

      stock report which will be similar to MB52 but in this Z-report you need to include one column

      which is of Ring numbers and data you will get from earlier developed Z-report which will be work

      as a Master file.

I have added this process in SAP and my client is working fine using this. All the excise entries also

happening perfectly without any errors.

I hope, I have not missed anything which is important.

If any suggestions, Pl welcome.