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Many of us have improved development speed by using several custom code templates in SAPGUI Editor. And me too, of course.

So, when I started working in Eclipse, I was strongly missing my usual templates.

Of course, I could copy all the templates from SAPGUI to Eclipse manually, one by one. But manual uniform repeating action offends real programers :smile:

So I have created ABAP program, which display a list of all custom SAPGUI templates, and allows you to copy selected (or all of it) to Eclipse.


To install program you need to import SAPLink nugget in attachment (you should change extention from .xml to .nugg).

(The program have been created in system with SAP_BASIS 702 SP11)

User’s manual


2) The list of all custom templates from file abap_user.xml will be displayed.

3) You can select individual lines to copy only selected templates or copy all templates. To copy all templates you don’t need to make any selection. (The program will ask you to confirm)

4) Press “Copy to Eclipse”.

If you haven’t selected any line, you’ll see the confirmation

5) Next, the dialog for choosing Eclipse workspace folder will appear.

Choose workspace folder of required Eclipse installation.

(It can’t be defined programmatically because you can have several Eclipse installations)

6) That’s all

7) Now let’s check the results.

Start Eclipse (or restart, if it is already running) and check Templates

Exactly what we need!

That’s all.

I hope this small tool will be helpful

Best regards,