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Last time I write one article talked about how to get SAP ID(already been deleted) for a specific user by her/his email address.

What if we have nothing else besides the user ID? TCODE SUIM will show blank as the user ID has already been deleted. There’ll be no entry existing for table USR21 and we don't have the email address for table ADR6 or other details like first name/last name for SUIM.

Still, it's easy to find out by the below steps:

  1. Once again, table ADR7 will be the quickest way to fetch Address number&Person number by using the field UNAME which is the user ID.

  2. Then we can find everything by Address number&Person number at ADR6/ADRP.

  3. All the change history for authorizations could be found in table USH04 by user ID.

What if you want to know when and how the Address number&Person number have been assigned or updated? Table CDPOS is the right place.

  • Object class is fixed as 'IDENTITY';

  • The object value is the user ID;

  • The table name is USR21;

  • Table key is the combination of client ID plus user ID like '600USERNAME';

  • The field name can be set as ADDDRUNMBER or PERSNUMBER.

These are just tips from my point of view. I know there must exist other better approaches to achieve the same. Thanks for any comments.

Btw, ADR7/USH04 works for ECC, but it's blank for S/4 hana~ Seems only CDPOS is still there for S/4 hana.
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