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Encountered a stranger problem recently which are many spools generated by one background job (using standard program SD70AV3A -TCODE: VF31) to create output for billings that can't print directly, no issue for manually print at SP01 or single print at VF03.

It's a typical Print immediately issue. There's one good article explaining the difference between 'Output Immediately' and 'Print immediately' very well.

If the user already set the default output Device at the user profile, this pop-up window may not appear. For adobe form, it can be controlled by SFPOUTPUTPARAMS-NODIALOG. As this output is designed by smart form, the check sequence for this issue:

1, Check parameter SSFCOMPOP-TDIMMED at driver program

The default values for this popup window are set by the input parameter output_options at the form's function module. Just search TDIMMED at customized driver program will do. For better understand purposes of this standard process, the breaking point can be set at standard FM is 'SSFCOMP_OPEN', and the key standard routine is 'output_options_printer' of  'output_options'.

2, Check 'Print immediate' setting at user profile if 'User_Parameters' is set as X at form's FM

This print immediately setting (USR01-SPDB) at the user profile will impact the check Box of 'Print Now' at the pop-up window if parameter 'User_Parameters' is set as X at form's FM.

3, Real user ID at Logs of background job

If no issue with both point1&2, go to the job log of the background job and find out what's the user ID.

Then using this user ID, check the 'print immediate' setting at the USR01 table.

Here is the root, the job was set by admin ID which USR01-SPDB is not 'G'. Then all the output's spool will be stuck at status '-'.

Just set this background with another user ID which USR01-SPDB is 'G' will do (tick the print immediate check box at user profile).
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